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More than likely you have come here as you need a website? Or some form of Online Business help and Advertising that works without emptying your wallet 

Well, You have come to the right blog and to the right people.
With Mighty Web Designer's you have Full Controle on how much you spend on your web design, Web Advertising etc and It can all be done at once and with us truly not as much as you think Or it can be done bit by bit. Whatever your budget, However your cash flow.

Just a Few ways you can Advertise online and why you should:

Website with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    The More time that is put in on your SEO The better, as you can never have enough. The more SEO you have the better your Target Reach of people will be as you have more search phrases and keywords tagged in/on to your website for Google, Bing etc

Ways you can Advertise your business Online; Tailor made and on Budget:

YouTube: Videos is one of the best ways you can advertise your business online, some videos you don't even have to pay anything for and 50% of the time they are the ones that work, just all depends on your Brand and how you want to show yourself off, online.

There is also Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Myspace etc. All depends on your Brand, Budget and Time Frame. But If you want to work on a Minimal base, you should just use, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ In that Order and back Link them all to your main site/blog etc so when they do get people/traffic coming to them, they can contact you where you would like them to do so and to make sure their questions are answered.

Why should I use Facebook For Business?I just Googled   "Total number of monthly unique active Facebook users" on Facebook (FB) and there is about  1,721,000,000  per month using Facebook.
Facebook Almost has 2,000,000,000 people signing in to their network each and ever month! You Need to tap into this market.

If you can learn how to use Facebook you can tap into this Free market for Free Or stupidly cheap and if you can't do it yourself you can always learn the basics from YouTubing and Googling it for free. Most of i is trial and error anyway, However, it is best to get a professional Social Media Marketer or Advertising Business if you have the money as you only have to tell them what you want to get out of it and a budget, they then will send you a marketing plan, We do anyway.

So, if you're still asking yourself should I use Facebook for business and the 1,721,000,000 Monthly users are not enough to convince you then how about a free professional platform for your brand where you can divert people to where you want them to go with a Free full analytics data telling you, who, where, how old, what gender types and how many people are coming to your Facebook Page, You/We then can come up with better marketing materials, What would best get your Fans Liking, Commenting and sharing = More of this market you tap into.

Why Use Twitter For Business?the fourth quarter of 2016 averaged at 319 million monthly active users.
Why Use Google+ For Business?There is about 2.5 billion Google Accounts But there is only about 10% what use G+ = 250 million, However, By using G+ you increase your Google ranking a little but it can't be marked as spam by to many people or it will mark you down.
Please note the amount of people coming to the above websites are only estimated as we have only Googled it and do not have analytics access.

Above is a Small part of how to get your business online, But you should have Facebook, YouTube and a Website.
Contact us via Facebook if you wish and we can do all this above, WebDesign, Facebook Advertising, and with YouTube advertising and setup.
We can also help you get the right logo for your business and Video Ads.

If you want to get started, send us as much detail about your brand, We need as much as possible, from the name to what you have + any business account (YouTube, Facebook Website etc) along with your budget and what you would like, always leave a contact number Or we can even Facebook Call.


 - Powering You - Mighty Web Designer's - Marshall K-M -Wholesale Bargain Saver
As we are making sure you feel safe, with all of our own business development deals you can pay on websites that are known, you can even come see us Face to Face if you can come to our Office at  Race Lane, L9 1DD, United Kingdom, Liverpool Or your always welcome to call on  01515 212 346    Good Luck! 


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