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HELLO! & Welcome to our second blog post! 

Thank you for coming, If this is your first time on our page please go here.
If this is not your first time, then a very big thank you for coming back, but We think your going to like this one, because, you can always keep the stock and save big time.

As we said on the last blog, we know some of the best eBay power wholesale seller's, for startups with limited cash flow.
And We are going to keep to it. #MWD

Here is a list of things you need and things you may want, from, a good smartphone to looking good, but without the loan

Wholesale Single New Item Lots: 
  • 100% Safe, 
  • Just read the description and if you would like more information email the wholesaler,
    Always email the seller within the Platform.

So Why are we saying to buy a Smartphone  (CellPhone) this cheap? Well, why not, don't look at the brand, as you don't have the cash flow for this yet! and well you shouldn't go on brand anyway.
 All you need is something that's going to work well and if you can with guarantees.

£60 for a fully working 2GB RAM Smartphone with a full HD Screen AND  a 13MP Camera.

If this was Samsung they would change £400GBP Or Apple £8000000000000000GBP 

The thing that you do need is more storage space, if you want to save money buy an SD Card 64GB and you should have enough, if not,  Organizes and prioritize better, 
ReSell This Item, from £100-£150 "Competitive price" =Faster sale.

So you now have a very good smart phone that you can download all the selling apps and chat's you need, at a truly good price. Your now going to want a good tablet or laptop so you can better do email, blogging, marketing and social media marketing.
   We can go on forever as there is many but we will give you two of both for now, as this blog is for stock you can use for your business at a good effective price and items you know that's going to turn up and if not your money is protected!


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