Should I get a WIX Pro Or GoDaddy Pro to do my website or should I do it my self

Get a WIX Or GoDaddy Pro to fo your website, Fast and Cost effectively? Or Do it yourself? ...

So if you don't know what Or is:
Both are a website Builder and domain and hosting provider. By using them you will save a small fortune on a website Development team as 70% of the time, one person can set it up Or you can without knowing any coding, but you should have basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PC skills. (WIX Is the better one and if your in the UK go with them as they don't market like GoDaddy, very American way of doing business GoDaddy) 

How Best to get the Skills and Knowledge to make a website using WIX and GoDaddy 100% Free?
Well Use what you have in front of you, Google, YouTube and there are Plenty of Free UK Online Courses that work as soon as you have the basics down it's mostly trial and error on your chosen market anyway. 
Now I'm not going to tell you about how to doWebDesign and SEO as It would need 3 to 7 days. To get the Basics it shouldn't take you more than a week as there is no coding needed but all depends on how good you take in information and your computer skills, But if you have found this blog then you should be good to learn, some people can learn how to do this is just a few hours.  So if you're asking yourself do I have the Smarts and time to do my own website and SEO then I'd say yes, give it ago, Get a Cheap Domain, website Hosting, Try for 1 or more years, for SEO reasons and with WIX it will Cost about £74 GBP for the year with domain name and room to grow a little on your hosting.
If you do this tho please remember that SEO won't just work overnight, it's a waiting game, mostly. Google and YouTube for Free Tips and make sure it's a post within this year as Google Changed a lot, as lot's of people was not playing fair so they changed it, also don't go down the  Black  Hat  Way as you may lose all you worked for and get banned from Google = a lot of other search engines as most of them run from Google Servers, Such as Yahoo.  (Can't carry on as it would just Fill up the Blog too much, but there is more info out there and won't cost you a penny) 

Not everyone is good on a PC or not everyone has the time to learn another part of the business, don't be ashamed of it as there is alot to learn and if you was not brought up with them it's not as easy to learn.  Truly tho still try and give it ago but if you don't want to Or you can't for whatever reason, don't worry, you can get hold of us on Facebook, we are your pro team designer's that will not rip you off, our prices are more than fair, we mainly price upon time spent on the website and we will talk to you in ways that you will understand,  Questions are always welcome.
Your welcome to read our other blogs as there is some info that's needed, but again you can call us up and we will get all this in writing for you, you won't have to lift a finger if you don't want to.

Price Sample: If you have a Takeaway Business or Caffe on Just Eat etc then we can do you your own website via WIX for £100 design fee and this will be done within 3 days and by doing this you are saving up to 20% per order!

Always here to help, Facebook us!


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As we are making sure you feel safe, with all of our own business development deals you can pay on websites that are known, you can even come see us Face to Face if you can come to our Office at  Race Lane, L9 1DD, United Kingdom, Liverpool Or your always welcome to call on  01515 212 346    Good Luck! 


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